In most cases when mechanical technicians are using hydraulic torque systems they work in 2-man teams. The 1st Technician operates the hydraulic pump control switch, whilst the 2nd Technician positions the hydraulic tool on the job.

In order to operate safely they need to have very clear lines of communication with each other. Unfortunately, due to the type of environment they’re working in, i.e. noise and confined spaces, this can result in communication errors and operations can go wrong. Such instances as if the pump is mistakenly operated at the wrong time, it results in the tool operator having their fingers or hand trapped between the tool and the reaction point.

Safety Valve

Hands Free Bolting’s Safety Valve offers a very simple solution to this problem. With no alterations required to your current equipment, the Safety Valve simply fits inline between the pump and the tool with its own screw couplers and whip hoses.

Back-Up Nut

In the same way as the Safety Valve, the Back-Up Nut is ideal for 2-men operations. By allowing the 2nd Technician to step away from the torque wrench once it has been positioned onto the bolt, the 1st Technician can then operate the pump. This process allows their hands to be completely out of the hazardous area and they can then re-enter the zone once the tool has become dead.

No-Flog® 2

Similar to the above, the utilisation of the No-Flog® 2 eliminates the risk of injury. Some processes still rely on co-workers correctly hitting a flogging spanner to remove it from the application which causes several danger issues, causing crush type injuries, sparking occurs and dropped objects, should the spanner fall upon release. However, the No-Flog® 2 is self-supporting and is simply secured by using an Allen key to tighten up a grub screw and vice versa.

Alongside the above, additional safety accessories such as the Safety Kits dramatically increase safety during bolting operations. By adding safety accessories that are compatible with all major brands of bolting tools which require minimal training, companies can ensure on-site safety with low cost, highly beneficial accessories.

Hands Free Bolting Ltd. are dedicated to providing industry with safety accessories which are suitable to all bolting applications, which is why it is our exclusive offering. Allow your workforce to work in a safe working culture and start to implement safety first products.