Plant shutdowns are the most expensive and time consuming of maintenance projects due to the loss of production that is incurred and the expense of the major maintenance works. This negative impact can be overlooked by considering the positive features of shutdowns:

  1. Increase in equipment asset reliability
  2. Continued foreseeable production integrity
  3. Reduction in the risk of unscheduled outages/failures

Most of the inspections, repairs, replacements, alterations and/or minor maintenance works can be carried out on equipment whilst the plant is in operation, and is known as ‘on line’ maintenance. Although some major maintenance and repairs need to be carried out as a scheduled outage or during a shutdown as they involve more thorough works to be undertaken.

Bolted Connections

Hydraulic torque tools are the most common choice of tool now-a-days to be used when breaking out or tightening up bolts on various applications to ensure leak free joints. This specific bolt tightening method significantly effects the gasket compression that directly influences the likelihood of a leak.

Not all bolted connections are easy to access and with man hours being critical, the less manpower required for one job will help speed up the process.

Shorter Shutdowns – New and Innovative Hydraulic Bolting Technologies

When using hydraulic torque wrenches, flogging spanners are used to prevent the back nut from turning. This method is unsafe with risks to hand injuries, dropped objects and also the causation of sparks from striking of the hammer. This method also requires a two man operation as a technician is required to hold onto the spanner whilst the other positions the torque wrench.

With the No-Flog® 2 onsite, this halves the man power required as the tool is self-supporting and with a simple release of an Allen screw, the No-Flog® 2 is safely removed. Also providing 2 sizes in 1 means that there are less tools onsite providing a cost effective solution.

Top Safety

Shutdowns and turnarounds are expensive enough when they run smoothly so it is essential to keep safety in mind in order to perform an efficient operation, as well as keep workers safe. Those who spare safety are likely to see a negative ROI when factoring in items such as the number of injury incidents, medical costs, lost man hours, and even lawsuits.

Utilise Hands Free Bolting’s innovative safety accessory range to ensure that bolting operations are made safer. Eliminate hand injuries and dropped objects during shutdowns with simple, safe and cost effective tools.